Case study Mapping Australia’s hydrogen future

Published:23 February 2022

Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool (HEFT)

Hydrogen is a flexible fuel that can be used for a variety of domestic and industrial purposes.

This includes heating and cooking (as a replacement for natural gas), transportation (replacing petrol and diesel), and energy storage (by converting intermittent renewable energy into hydrogen). The key benefit of using hydrogen is that it is a clean fuel that emits only water vapour and heat when combusted. 

With an expanding global renewable energy sector, Australia is well placed to develop a strong domestic and export hydrogen industry, with hydrogen studies included as part of the Exploring for the Future project Australia's Future Energy Resources

Hydrogen in the periodic table

Australia's National Hydrogen Strategy (the Strategy) has the goal of making Australia one of the top three exporters of hydrogen to Asian markets, generating ongoing economic benefits and jobs in addition to the benefits of a practical low emissions fuel. Geoscience Australia, in collaboration with Monash University, have released the Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool (HEFT) to support implementation of the Strategy. 

What is HEFT?

HEFT is a free online tool designed to support decision-making by policymakers and investors on the location of new infrastructure and development of hydrogen hubs in Australia. It considers both hydrogen produced from renewable energy and from fossil fuels with carbon capture and storage. 

Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool (HEFT)

Geoscience Australia's Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool (HEFT)

The tool allows decision-makers to assess a range of different factors that affect the economics of potential hydrogen hubs, and update assessments as circumstances change. 
The Exploring for the Future program will be expanding the capabilities of HEFT this year. This includes incorporating different end products, such as liquid ammonia and liquid hydrogen, underground hydrogen storage, state based grid pricing, break even analysis, and improved pipeline route estimation. These improvements will help investors identify areas with good prospects for hydrogen production suitable for their needs. 

More information

To find out more about the capabilities of HEFT, it's potential to attract worldwide investment in Australia’s hydrogen industry, and what’s up next for hydrogen at Geoscience Australia, check out the recent seminar. watch the Mapping Australia’s hydrogen future seminar (1:02:30 min).  

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This project is evaluating the potential for new energy commodities hosted within sedimentary basins, including oil, natural gas and hydrogen, to support Australia’s transition to a low carbon economy. It will also assess the optimal locations for green and blue hydrogen production, including storage areas.  

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Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool (HEFT)

Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool (HEFT)

The Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool (HEFT) is designed to support implementation of Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy. It helps investors identify regions suitable for hydrogen production in Australia.

Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool (HEFT) Visit tool