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The Exploring for the Future Data Discovery Portal 

Geoscience Australia's Exploring for the Future Data Discovery Portal provides public access to historical as well as new geoscience data and tools acquired and developed during the Exploring for the Future program. Curated subsets of the Portal known as personas and tools, provide targeted access to Portal’s features for government planners and regulators, academia and industry to access data and information and apply a range of assessment tools to support evidence-based decisions.

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Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool

Portal personas and tools

To help you navigate through the vast array of data, we have created different personas and tools, which provide curated subsets of features available in the Portal tailored to individual areas of interest e.g. Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool. You can access some of the Portal's personas and tools featured below. You can also switch to different personas and tools within the Portal by clicking on the ‘Switch Persona’ icon or the spanner symbol (to access additional tools) in the top right corner of the Portal. 

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You can search the Portal by location or address in the ‘Location search’ textbox. The results will automatically appear as you type. 

Watch an overview video about the Exploring for the Future Data Discovery Portal and what it does (2:00 min)

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Sharing knowledge with our community

Community and Education persona

The Community and Education persona is designed for non-technical users, such as general community, students and educators, providing access to a curated set of geoscientific datasets and maps produced by the Exploring for the Future program, Geoscience Australia more broadly, and other agencies. 



National Drilling Initiative

The MinEx CRC National Drilling Initiative (NDI) persona provides access to drilling data that has been acquired for the NDI, including legacy drilling data, a series of online tools and advanced 3D capabilities to maximise the value of the data collected as part of the NDI.

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Australian Critical Minerals Portal

Critical Minerals Mapping Initiative

The Critical Minerals Mapping Initiative (CMMI) persona is a free interactive mapping tool designed to share outputs from the geoscientific collaboration between Geoscience Australia, the Geological Survey of Canada and the United States Geological Survey.

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Geochronology and Isotopes Data Portal persona

Geochronology and Isotopes Data

The Geochronology and Isotopes Data persona provides access to publicly available compilations of radiometric age results and full analytical isotope data tables from Geoscience Australia and other sources.

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Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System

Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System

The Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System (GADDS) persona provides magnetic, radiometric, gravity and digital elevation data from Australian national, state and territory government geophysical data archives.

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Australian Fundamental Gravity Network (AFGN)

Australian Fundamental Gravity Network

The Australian Fundamental Gravity Network (AFGN) persona is a web delivery system that provides locality description and images of AFGN stations to the general public.

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